Certifications, Benefit Corporations, and Sustainability Report

Corporate certifications are a series of internationally recognized standards that Habitech has obtained by demonstrating compliance with specific requirements in terms of quality, sustainability, safety, and social responsibility. These certifications are issued by independent bodies that verify and assess the implementation of company processes and policies against specific standards.


These significant corporate achievements provide a guarantee of quality and safety for the products or services offered, enhancing the company’s reputation and demonstrating a commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Habitech is a Benefit Corporation!

A Benefit Corporation is a company that, in the pursuit of economic activities, seeks one or more common good purposes and operates responsibly, sustainably, and transparently towards individuals, communities, territories, the environment, cultural and social assets, as well as institutions and associations.


Habitech has played a leading role in significant real estate developments such as Citylife in Milan, MUSE in Trento, Unipol in Bologna, Cà Foscari in Venice, and the United Nations in Rome.


It is also the certification center for Casa Clima Trentino, a founding member of the Polo Edilizia 4.0 and GBC Italia.


Together with four other companies in Rovereto, it has established the Family District City of the Oak.


Habitech is certified as a BCorp, Family Audit, Just, and SI Rating.

Habitech's 2022 Sustainability Report

In over 15 years of activity, Habitech has taken a leading role in promoting and coordinating innovation processes and the enhancement of real estate assets throughout their entire life cycle.


We offer highly targeted and specialized consulting services for the construction, renovation, and management of real estate assets and infrastructure.


We believe in applied sustainability, and the added value of our services lies in the high standards of innovation in the solutions and tools we bring to the market.


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