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In 2006, Habitech – Trentino Technology District for Energy and Environment was established, recognized by the Ministry of University and Research. Its objective is to create business networks and specialized production chains in Trentino in the fields of sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and intelligent technologies for territorial management.


The structure consists of 126 members, including 115 private companies and 11 research institutions, universities, and public entities. It operates independently of public and private funding, reinvesting 100% of profits in the development of innovative and sustainable projects with real impact.


Habitech is a certified B Corp, Great Place to Work, Just, and SI Rating. It is also part of the City of Oak District in Rovereto.


Quality and innovation have always characterized Habitech’s work, making it a reference point for sustainable construction at the national and international levels.



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The mission of Habitech is to transform the construction and energy market by creating innovation and inspiring change through new sustainable processes and integrated supply chains

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Nave Rompighiaccio


The image we often evoke when talking about ourselves is that of the “icebreaker ship” Just like the ship that sails uncharted seas to find new routes, Habitech seeks to innovate its services through new processes, solutions, and activities that benefit its members and the market in general.


Quality and innovation have always characterized our work, allowing us to become a reference in sustainable construction.


By working in the market, we generate knowledge, reputation, value, and relationships.


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