Habitech is B-Corp certified

Being a B-Corp, to emphasize sustainability

Since 2014, Habitech has been certified as a ‘B Corporation,’ ranking among the first five organizations in Italy and among the pioneers in Europe. A Benefit Corporation (or B Corp) is a company that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.


The ability to innovate in production processes and services, promote and test new organizational logics, and focus on the social and economic dynamics of local territories and communities are the principles that led Habitech to become B-Corp certified in 2014. Over the years, the company has continued with recertification, seizing the opportunity to use it as an organizational tool to update and monitor objectives, all in a perspective of company growth.


For Habitech, choosing to be a B Corp has meant defining a model for generating shared value, capable of producing values that go beyond economic ones and fall into intangible assets, considered strategic levers for competitiveness today. Becoming a B Corp involves undergoing a rigorous accreditation process.



B Lab, the American non-profit certification body, has defined a comprehensive set of indicators, a true impact measurement protocol. To become a B Corp, Habitech underwent the Benefit Impact Assessment (BIA), which provides insights into economic, social, and environmental performance, considering not only the business model but also governance, community and territory, people, and the environment.


The scale ranges from 0 to 200 points, with the entry threshold being 80. After the self-assessment phase to obtain certification, it is necessary to undergo on-site documentary analysis. Habitech was the 5th Italian company and the first in the Triveneto region to obtain B Corp certification.
To achieve the third recertification in 2020, new objectives were identified, and measurement occurred in 5 impact areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers:


  • GOVERNANCE: Specific training programs, more inclusive and transparent management and control policies, and ad-hoc performance indicators have been developed to monitor actions.

    WORKERS: Actions and indicators have been developed regarding financial security, health and well-being of employees, degree of involvement and satisfaction, career development, and work-life balance.


    COMMUNITY: Themes of diversity and inclusion, engagement with the community, and sustainable management of suppliers have been developed.


    ENVIRONMENT: Efforts have been made to improve environmental management, air and climate quality, and resource savings, including materials, water, energy, and territory.


    CUSTOMERS: The value creation of our services for direct customers has been assessed through topics such as ethical and positive marketing, service quality control, data privacy, and data security.







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