Certification Family Audit

Habitech is Family Audit certified

Since 2018, Habitech has achieved the basic Family Audit certificate, a managerial tool that lays the foundation for a multi-year path of interventions aimed at reconciling the professional and private lives of employees.


Habitech has chosen to be Family Audit certified, a voluntary managerial tool designed by the Autonomous Province of Trento and focused on the work-life balance dynamic.

The certification required the implementation of a three-year action plan on crucial topics for the organization, such as training, optimization of work organization, flexibility, and the creation of useful and functional spaces.


It involved all employees, making them participants and actors in a necessary organizational change for achieving a better work-life balance on one hand and better work performance on the other

In the course of 2021, Habitech completed the second year of maintenance with the confirmation of the Family Audit Executive certificate. Further confirmation of the attention that Habitech pays to its employees comes from the promotion of issues related to justice and social equity.




The goal of the Family Audit is to improve the well-being of workers with evident benefits for the work environment.


Gender equity and salary equity are fundamental principles of the organization, as can be read in the Code of Ethics, in a paragraph strongly endorsed by top management:
“All individuals performing the same job, regardless of gender, receive the same compensation and are evaluated based on shared objectives aimed at personal and professional growth.





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