Duration: 2015-2018



Habitech has been a project partner with responsibilities in defining the functionalities and certifying models for energy consumption detection and environmental comfort estimation. The phases of ‘Interoperability Framework,’ ‘Comfort Manager,’ and ‘Sharing’ were assigned to two partners, while the ‘Energy Manager’ phase was directly handled, maintaining the coordinating role for the entire project.


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The project “SHELL – Shared and interoperable home ecosystems for sustainable, comfortable, and secure living environments,” approved by the MIUR, was initiated in the early months of 2014 with a duration of 36 months.


SHELL aims to propose an evolution of the home automation approach capable of transforming the house into a set of shared and interoperable ecosystems. The implementation of a technological substrate that integrates information acquisition in diverse and inherently multifunctional areas (energy, comfort, safety & security management) is the interoperability framework underlying the project’s development.


Once the technological substrate is developed, the house will be equipped with three “managers,” a series of algorithms responsible for the functionality of home ecosystems to achieve full service interoperability. The residence will thus be equipped with an Energy Manager, Comfort Manager, and Home Safety & Security Manager.


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