Duration: 2011-2017


Habitech was the Lead Proponent of the project and collaborated with 13 partners, 7 of whom are members of the District.


In December 2016, 4 containers were shipped containing all the materials for the prototype construction. The material arrived in Brazil around mid-January 2017, and the assembly of the prototype, carried out by some project partner companies, was completed in just 13 days, concluding at the end of February 2017.

The project concluded with phases of monitoring energy consumption and environmental conditions.


More information: Made In Italy


The project involved the construction of a prototype in Brazil, in the municipality of Blumenau, a promotional and sales center built using XLam structural wood panel technology. The center is energy-independent and consists of innovative modules in terms of architectural and environmental performance, including their respective technological platforms (logistics and information) and dedicated management tools.


This promotional and sales center will represent a distribution format aimed at showcasing the know-how and integration capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises, combined with elements of value from Italian research and design. The goal is to market internationally reproducible module models that are energetically sustainable for residential and tertiary buildings.



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