Energy Audit

For the optimisation of energy consumption

Our Energy Audit service provides a thorough analysis of a building’s energy consumption and installations, with the aim of optimizing energy usage.


The Energy Audit service offers technical support for sustainability certifications. It helps to implement policies that aim to reduce energy consumption and improve the performance of buildings, as mandated by Legislative Decree 04/07/2014, n.102.


Our energy audit service offers a detailed analysis of a building’s energy consumption and the characteristics of its technological systems. By examining energy flows in relation to specific purposes, rooms, and time periods, we provide a comprehensive snapshot of the energy usage. Based on the findings, we develop a precise plan of action for improving energy efficiency and provide compliance documentation that meets current regulations.

The Energy Audit service provides an analysis of the building’s energy consumption and installations, providing an intervention plan to improve the efficiency of the facilities and the production of the necessary documentation for compliance with current regulations.

Consistent with what is required by legislation, we offer services of:


We gather information about buildings and facilities, including how much energy they use, how often they’re used, and how many people are in the spaces they serve.


We conduct a thorough analysis to identify potential issues and risks (Criticality Analysis), develop a calculation model to assess various factors, simulate potential risks, and evaluate interventions to address them. Based on this, we create a programmatic intervention plan and prepare an Energy Diagnosis Report that summarizes our findings and recommendations.

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