Duration: 2013-2015


The goal of Transparense – Increasing Transparency of Energy Service Markets has been to enhance the transparency and reliability of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) markets throughout Europe.


The project focused on the key features of EPC projects in 20 partner countries. One of its main outputs was a Code of Conduct for the implementation of EPC projects, along with 20 national adaptations for the various participating countries.



Habitech served as the Italian representative for Transparense. The pilot EPC project in Italy where the Transparense Code of Conduct was applied is the one focused on improving the public lighting efficiency in the Municipality of Ospedaletto (TN). Following the principles of the Code, the company E.S.Co. Primiero S.r.l. (a District Partner) and the Municipality initiated the first project, which will enable the Administration to save approximately 70-75% of the cost for public lighting.


You can download the project documentation here:



More information: Trasparense

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