H2020 Project – Duration: 2017-2024


Stardust aims to develop an interdisciplinary model of a holistic and replicable Smart City, capable of reducing carbon emissions and making the cities of the future smarter, more sustainable, liveable, and citizen-oriented through green solutions and innovative business models.


Intervention areas include: smart buildings and energy efficiency; ICT technologies; electric mobility.


The project consortium consists of 30 partners from 7 countries and involves 3 Lighthouse Cities (Trento, Pamplona, Tampere) and 3 Follower Cities (Derry, Kozani, Cluj-Napoca).


Habitech main tasks:

  • Technical sustainability analysis applied to the built environment
  • Coordination of local communication and dissemination activities, stakeholder and event management in the city of Trento


For more information: Stardust


Credits: Trentino Mobilità

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