Duration: 2015-2017


The project has involved professionals, decision-makers, educators, and certifying bodies in a single e-learning platform, from which it is possible to access all training materials, simulation tools, and distance courses.


More information: Southzeb

Concluded in 2017, the SouthZEB project aimed to design and deliver specific training courses for professionals involved in designing and constructing nZEB buildings (engineers, architects, municipal employees, and policymakers) in Southern European countries (Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, and Southern Italy).


The training modules’ content was developed by partner countries considered front-runners (Austria, the United Kingdom, Northern Italy) and adapted to the needs, traditions, regulations, and specific norms of the project’s target countries.


Delivered between 2015 and 2016, the training actively engaged more than 1,000 professionals in Italy alone, thanks to courses and seminars organized in various cities (Cosenza, Naples, Catanzaro, Syracuse, Rimini, Milan, Ragusa, Vibo Valentia).

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