Duration: 2015-2019


The European project OptEEmAL focused on the implementation of a virtual design platform aimed at identifying and defining the best actions for the renovation, energy optimization, and facility management of individual buildings and neighborhoods. As part of the project, Habitech was responsible for collecting data related to the Trento case study, specifically the ‘District San Bartolameo,’ to create BIM models of buildings. These models were then used to test and operate on the virtual platform developed by the project partners. The feedback obtained was valuable in showcasing the platform’s potential to citizens and stakeholders, facilitating communication among different market players.

Among the objectives of the OptEEmAL platform:

  • Encouraging integrated design by providing access to building owners and stakeholders involved in a redevelopment process.
  • Utilizing and integrating commercially available software (e.g., Energy Plus) for data processing.
  • Implementing a comprehensive database of ECMs (Energy Conservation Measures) specifically designed within the project.
  • Establishing a reliable and validated tool for diverse neighbourhoods across Europe.
  • Creating a virtual ‘data room’ capable of gathering all necessary information for optimal real estate management.”


Opteemal Final Booklet (4,19 MB)


More information: Opteemal

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