H2020 Project – Duration: 2022-2025


ARV aims to demonstrate and validate attractive, resilient, and cost-effective solutions to implement the concept of Climate Positive Circular Communities on a large scale, with a focus on sustainable and zero-emission buildings and neighborhoods.


The ARV approach is currently being tested at 6 European demonstration sites (Oslo, Sønderborg, Karvina, Utrecht, Trento, Palma).


The project consortium consists of 35 partners from 8 countries.


Habitech’s main tasks:

  • Leader of the Trento-Piedicastello demo, being in charge of the new construction and renovation activities along with its cluster members Armalam, XLAM Dolomiti, Fanti Legnami
  • Leader of the community engagement activities in Trento
  • Supporter of technical project work packages


For more information: ARV Site




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