LCA + LCC methodology

To measure the impact and costs of products and processes on the environment

Through LCA and LCC analysis methods, we offer a strategic analysis and consulting service to help you measure the real impact that products and processes have on the environment and assess the actual costs.

The LCA methodology

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an analytical and systematic methodology that assesses the environmental footprint of a product, service, or building throughout its life cycle.

The LCA and GWP (Global Warming Potential) analysis that we process is carried out using accredited software and a dataset compliant with ISO 14040/14044 or EN 15804+A1 standards, aimed at achieving several objectives, including:

  • LEED certification compliance (MRc1 credit);
  • BREEAM certification compliance (MAT01 credit).These are studies that comply with the Level(s) reference framework, aimed at compliance with the European taxonomy, pre-assessment and evaluations on the Embodied Carbon of buildings; studies that are fundamental in order to identify opportunities to reduce emissions and minimize potential external offsets.


The analysis encompasses the entire life cycle of the product, starting from the extraction of raw materials, followed by production, distribution, utilization, and ending with its disposal. The outcome of this process is a report detailing the environmental impact values associated with the product’s life cycle.

We offer project computation services, considering the project’s characteristics and quantities. Our approach employs accredited methodologies and tools and includes creating a comparison model and verifying improvements in environmental impacts.

The LCC methodology

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) is a methodology based on the ISO 15686-5:2008 standard and is used to calculate and evaluate the costs of a product’s entire life cycle, from production to disposal.

Thanks to this analysis, project teams are able to identify the best alternatives in terms of materials and installations, balancing costs and expected performance in order to offer the best value for money throughout the life of the building.


In a logic in which sustainability becomes a strategic axis on which to make decisions, the data returned by LCA and LCC analyses are fundamental elements in understanding how to minimize the impact on the environment, reduce costs and extend the product’s expected life cycle.

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