The Corporate Carbon Footprint report

To reduce the environmental impact of the company

We offer a consultancy and operational support service to help you in the reporting of emissions necessary to achieve the compliance required by ISO/TR 14069:2013 on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


The Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) – or CO₂ balance sheet – is a key index for corporate climate protection measures. The CCF makes it possible to measure the total greenhouse gas emissions produced or caused by a company’s activities, to identify the main source, and to promote the reduction of energy and raw material consumption.


With our support, we can show you what is appropriate to include, or exclude, in the carbon footprint, referring to the design and development criteria identified in ISO 14064-1.

  • Criterium 1 (mandatory calculation) requires the calculation of all direct emissions of the company, i.e. those resulting from the use of fuels for energy production, company vehicles and the production process.
  • Criterium 2 (mandatory calculation) requires the calculation of all indirect emissions, i.e. those resulting from the use of purchased electricity or steam, hot or cold carrier fluids.
  • Criterium 3, on the other hand, is optional, as it requires the calculation of indirect emissions from the use of energy for the production of externally purchased products and materials, fuels for non-company vehicles and fuels for company travel.


Through our consulting service, we help you report the emissions required to achieve compliance with the ISO/TR 14069:2013 operating standard, and develop a company inventory.

In addition to this analysis, which allows an estimation of the carbon footprint and the effects of different company activities in terms of impact, we can also produce a report containing insights and recommendations for the future, in terms of direct and indirect offsets to be applied.



The Corporate Carbon Footprint is a key step in a comprehensive sustainability strategy. With our service, we help you achieve the compliance required by the operational standard ISO/TR 14069:2013.

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