WIREDSCORE certification

To make buildings SMART and improve the IT infrastructure by integrating it with new technologies.

We offer strategic consulting services and support to evaluate, enhance and implement your IT infrastructure for the benefit of greater efficiency and building integration using new digital technologies.


WIREDSCORE is the world’s first and only internationally recognized certification system for evaluating digital infrastructure and connectivity in buildings.

This system, designed primarily for commercial and industrial buildings assesses building connectivity.

This enables building owners and operators to evaluate and improve their IT infrastructure, leading to greater efficiency and better integration with new and existing technologies.

Our goal, as Wiredscore-accredited professionals, is to enhance the efficiency and integration of IT infrastructure in buildings by integrating new technologies. With the aim of improving the living experience of the occupants.


For more information visit the website (wiredscore.com)

Setting the global standard for technology in the world built with WIREDSCORE®


The team of  Habitech consists of:

1 WIREDSCORE® AP Office Development
1 WIREDSCORE® AP Office Occupied

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