FITWEL certification

To improve the health and well-being of the occupants of different types of buildings

We offer consultancy services and customised solutions to successfully achieve the voluntary Fitwel certification, which focuses on the assessment of people’s well-being.


Fitwel is a voluntary third-party certification system that seeks to enhance the well-being of people living and working in buildings, whether new or existing.

This certification evaluates the physical and social environment of a building to develop customized strategies for promoting better health and safety conditions.

Based in the United States, Fitwel provides consultancy services to support clients in achieving certification.

The system prioritizes the well-being of individuals by considering the combination of physical and social environments, reflecting an evolution in certification standards.


Fitwel is promoted by the Center for Active Design (CfAD).

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We have a FITWEL® Ambassador within our Staff.


The team of Habitech consists of:

1 FITWEL® Ambassador

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