Habitech is the Technological District of Trentino

Leading the sustainable way

Who we are

We are a consortium company established in 2006 with the aim of creating business networks and specialized production chains in the fields of sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and intelligent technologies for territorial management.


Comprising 126 members (115 private and 11 public entities), we reinvest 100% of profits in the development of innovative and sustainable projects with real impact.



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Our activities

We offer highly targeted and specialized consulting services for the construction, renovation, and management of real estate assets and infrastructure.


We believe in applied sustainability, and the added value of our services lies in the high standards of innovation in the solutions and tools we bring to the market.



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Palazzo Ca’ Foscari

Venezia (Italia)


The Social Hub Firenze

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Torre Isozaki

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Università Luiss

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