ARCA - Certification of quality and sustainability

Habitech’s specific expertise on the issue of timber buildings is linked to the study and dissemination of certifying the designed wooden buildings paying attention to safety features and integrity. In this case ARCA (Architecture, Comfort, Environment) is the first example in Italy of a certification system specifically designed for timber buildings and for the wood supply chain: ARCA was devised in order to promote quality timber construction, to provide reliable and transparent guarantees of the performance of wooden buildings and to assure people’s living and working comfort. It has been developed in order to advance a new philosophy that recognizes wooden building attributes such as the best possible load-bearing capacity, thermal, acoustic and moisture insulation, resilience, fire resistance and a long service lifeHabitech manages the process of certification, accreditation and training of companies, professionals and designers that believe in the ARCA system, to promote the spread of wood construction in Italy.