With the objective of fostering the energy efficiency of the building sector through the adoption of near Zero Energy Buildings (buildings that have very high energy performance) concepts in new or existing buildings, the SouthZEB project develops training modules targeted towards specific professionals (Engineers, Architects, municipality technicians and decision makers) in Southern European countries (Greece, Cyprus, Southern Italy and Portugal). The training modules will be implemented by the project partners in the target Southern European Countries (less advanced on the progress towards nearly Zero Energy Buildings), leveraging on the experience and know-how from front runner project partners countries (Austria, UK, Northern Italy).

In this way, the SouthZEB project aims to achieve the necessary conditions towards the implementation of the goals established on the EPBD recast (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, 2010/31/EU) regarding nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

The project brings together professionals, decision makers, educators and certification authorities in a unique e-learning platform, where training materials, simulation tools and remote courses can be accessed.