• Habitech – the Energy and Environment District promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento and recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, is the leading national centre for green building, renewable energy and innovation: since 2006 Habitech operates in these areas and strives for a market transformation towards sustainable solutions.

    Habitech is a non for profit organization and a network of more 140 members which represents both private and public sectors: it is not only the point of reference for all of its members when it comes to R&D, innovation and sustainable practices, but it has also become a beacon for many other industries in Italy and abroad.

  • ARCA is the first example in Italy of a certification specifically designed for the wood supply chain. Habitech manages the process of certification, accreditation and training of companies, professionals and designers that believe in the ARCA system to promote the spread of wood construction in Italy.


  • Odatech is Habitech's qualification and certification body. There are three areas in which it focuses its activities: the qualification of energy certifiers in the Province of Trento, the skill's certification in the sustainable construction sector and the management of the ARCA certification - Quality certification for timber constructions.


  • Greenmap product mapping supports the client by identifying the contribution of their products toward the credits and requirements of international sustainability standards, such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL.
    This allows to position the company and to valorize their products by using the metric and selection criteria adopted for the “ final product” of the value chain, the building.
    It’s important for products and materials to highlight their contribution towards sustainability goals according to specific requirements.


  • Habitech believes in the integrated approach as a guarantee of the result. This is why Habitech collaborates with selected partners for the implementation of smart-efficiency projects on individual buildings and on urban scale, starting from the planning stage to the implementation and the management and the performance analysis. From this vision REbuilding Network was born, which is the business network that collects alongside the big companies coming from the international green building technologies market: Saint-Gobain Italy, Schneider Electric, iGuzzini, Habitech and Harley & Dikkinson Finance.


  • Habitech represents the needs of the green community and is a member of REbuild, the national Italian convention dedicated to the market for services and technologies for the refurbishment and sustainable management of existing buildings.

    Since its first edition in 2012, REbuild has represented a platform for analysis, learning, networking and doing business in the construction industry. The highly focused sessions and discussions on business cases and market opportunities give to the attendees a clear understanding of the innovation trends and opportunity of the sector. In the last editions the key role of deep retrofit for the real estate business and the strategies to put it in place at large scale have been tackled.