About us

Habitech – the Energy and Environment District promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento and recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, is the leading national centre for green building, renewable energy and innovation: since 2006 Habitech operates in these areas and strives for a market transformation towards sustainable solutions.

Habitech is a non for profit organization and a network of more 140 members which represents both private and public sectors: it is not only the point of reference for all of its members when it comes to R&D, innovation and sustainable practices, but it has also become a beacon for many other industries in Italy and abroad.

Habitech’s mission is to change the way to consider sustainability towards a strategic tool for business innovation and development, and to drive public and private clients in providing consultancy for high standard performances.

Habitech promotes and coordinates integrated and innovative procedures to improve energy efficiency and works together with the construction and manufacturing industries in order to insert sustainability in an effective and profitable way over the entire design, construction and operation processes.

Habitech is the one of the leading advisors in Italy for buildings’ innovation and sustainability: it introduced the concept of measurement of sustainability and introduced the LEED® certification in Italy, the most widespread rating system for buildings’ high quality construction and management in the world, and is promoting and founding member of the Green Building Council in Italy.

Habitech's success stories have given start to ARCA, Odatech, Greenmap, REbuild and REbuilding Network brands.