• During the last Assembly of Habitech's cluster Members hold on 25 January 2018, Habitech organized a specific working table on financed projects to share with the Members the strategic lines that Habitech intends to develop in the next three years 2018-2020.
    Having this in mind, Habitech intends to be a leading player in terms of analysis and participation in the various calls of Horizon 2020, but also through participation in LIFE projects, or through national, provincial and regional funding programs.
    Habitech wants to play an active role in involving its Members in these projects, proposing itself as a promoter, both as a coordinator and as a support to individual projects.

  • Habitech in these recent years has developed high skills in the management of complex projects, but has partially involved its members on some specific services related to consulting in the field of sustainability certification (eg. energy modeling, commissioning activities, etc.).
    In the Habitech three-years development plan, the involvement of the Members is central in order to propose innovative and high-value market services, presenting itself as an operator that uniquely aggregates the skills and experience gained.

  • The Habitech Innovation area during 2017 has set the goal of developing 4 main areas:

    • Energiesprong Italy
    • ZeroUno
    • Protocollo EnergETICO
    • REbuild

    The three-year plan of the activities of Habitech sees a strong push in the development of these projects by integrating the transversal competences of its Members, analyzing in detail which are the main objectives of these specific project activities.

  • The Public-Private Partnership is a form of collaboration between private companies and the public administration that aims to finance, build and manage infrastructures or provide services of public interest.

  • The primary objective of this table is the creation of a network of functional offices abroad for our members, in the states where some of them are already operating successfully. The aim is to enhance the territorial skills already acquired, to export the sustainability services offered by Habitech and also to help the Cluster Members who want to expand in those markets, suggesting the right functional, institutional and political channels.

  • The building is seen as a place of residence, work, culture and entertainment which has always been a part of the life of every human being. For many years we have been trying to design it to be functional to the needs of its inhabitants.

    Nowadays, there are many certification systems for good design and implementation practices, but there is still not a clear definition of the meaning of "internal well-being". The various parameters for its evaluation are known: temperature, humidity, presence of CO2, presence of formaldehyde, brightness, air circulation, etc. Their single influence on the well-being is well known but not their interconnection.

    The working table tries to identify which parameters can be correlated with each other for the identification and definition of a general well-being definition by connecting them to environments with different functionalities.

    Optoelectronics Italy S.r.l. University of Trento Covi Costruzioni S.r.l. D.K.Z. Srl Fondazione Bruno Kessler Edmund Mach Foundation

  • This table was organized in order to develop a new district communication strategy in line with the growing importance that the Habitech corporate structure is taking on in the building construction and the management market.
    The tool identified to activate a communication in line with these needs, is the new site that has seen the light following a careful study and planning of the objectives pursued, which can be summarized in three main points:

    • the enhancement of the activities of the Members who do not have an area dedicated to marketing and communication,
    • the dissemination of communication actions promoted by the Members,
    • the creation of a unified strategy to present - in Italy and abroad - the Cluster and the consortium as the sole interlocutor of a reality of excellence.

    The Habitech website is a repository of information and projects to draw on in a simple and immediate way. The area dedicated to Members has been enhanced, and particular importance has been given to collaborations in market projects, European calls and research project, and to the innovation and internationalization area.

  • The theme of drinking water is becoming more and more topical and strategic in the national scene. For a long time, great economic analysts have begun to define it as the "oil of the next century". Its management must necessarily take into account a correct distribution, which must provide the minimum possible losses. Since the vast majority of national aqueducts are riddled, water saving is therefore a topic to be addressed quickly.

    The goal of the table is to compose a network of local companies that already have all the necessary technologies to answer and solve these problems. To develop an integrated system of intervention in the management of the water system, preparing marketing strategies to promote a qualified and innovative offer for the market.

    Tamanini Hydro S.r.l. Trilogis S.r.l. Zortea S.r.l. ECOOPERA Cooperative Society Consortium Stable Technological Innovation