Table of Communication

This table was organized in order to develop a new district communication strategy in line with the growing importance that the Habitech corporate structure is taking on in the building construction and the management market.
The tool identified to activate a communication in line with these needs, is the new site that has seen the light following a careful study and planning of the objectives pursued, which can be summarized in three main points:

  • the enhancement of the activities of the Members who do not have an area dedicated to marketing and communication,
  • the dissemination of communication actions promoted by the Members,
  • the creation of a unified strategy to present - in Italy and abroad - the Cluster and the consortium as the sole interlocutor of a reality of excellence.

The Habitech website is a repository of information and projects to draw on in a simple and immediate way. The area dedicated to Members has been enhanced, and particular importance has been given to collaborations in market projects, European calls and research project, and to the innovation and internationalization area.