Become Member and Junior Partner

Entering in the Habitech network means sharing a new way of doing business, guided by sharing a horizon of local business development also projected to international opportunities.

Innovation, sustainability and the pursuit of excellence push companies and the Habitech team to continue on a path of growth and success every day.

Habitech has already supported more than 140 companies in innovation processes and built a new Sustainable Construction market by promoting the introduction in Italy of the LEED standard for environmental sustainability of buildings.

The advantages of being a member

  • Enter a network of local and national companies that share the same vision of operating in an innovative way, offering high value services and products
  • Leveraging on participation in a Consortium with a strong presence in the national and international market, which carries important development and research projects
  • Have a panel of innovative and effective services for innovation support, business development, to expand your networking and strengthen corporate communication
  • Share the passion for your territory and the desire for shared development, open and attentive to the future of everyone
  • Forge of a unique and internationally recognized brand for companies
  • Access to the Habitech Member Portal, the online information exchange platform, updates on the Habitech community, collaboration opportunities and calls for tenders

How to become a Member or a Junior Partner

Becoming a Habitech Member is easy. Aspiring members must present the following documents:

  • admission request;
  • copy of your statute;
  • copy of the resolution of the Board of Directors for the acquisition of the share of the Consortium (alternatively a certificate from the sole administrator who has the necessary powers for the acquisition together with the copy of the Chamber of Commerce and a photocopy of the identification document);
  • certification that belong, alternatively, to category A or B of article 10 of the Company Statute

The documents listed above must be sent via email to, via legamail to, or by mail to the following address:

Distretto Tecnologico Trentino Società Consortile a r.l.
Piazza Manifattura, 1 - 38068 Rovereto (TN)

Once the approval by our Board of Directors has been notified, payment of the capital share subscribed on the current account opened at the Cassa Rurale di Rovereto must be made (bank details: IT 05 T 08210 20800 000000131109).

For category A Members only, every year the Assembly decides, as foreseen by the Art. 11 of the Company's Articles of Association, the amount of the annual fee for the ordinary activity of the Company. The annual contribution set by the last Assembly is equal to Euro 500 / quota plus VAT (contribution that will be regularly invoiced).

How to become a Junior Partner

During the last Assembly of the members of Habitech on 31st January 2019, the new Rules for becoming Habitech Junior Partner were voted, aimed at subjects such as Startups, associated professionals or Companies that have opened the VAT number no more than 5 years from the date request for membership.

Junior Partners are entitled to:

  • subscribe to the Habitech Member Portal, the online information exchange platform, updates on the Habitech community, collaboration opportunities and calls for tenders
  • participate in events organized by Habitech
  • use the Habitech brand accompanied by the indication "Junior Partner"
  • use the services offered by Habitech to its Members, under the conditions provided for the latter
  • participate as auditors in the Habitech Shareholders' Meetings

The qualification of Junior Partner does not imply in any way the qualification of Habitech Members and therefore does not involve the acquisition of any of the rights provided for the Members by the Statute (in particular those referred to in Article 14 of the Statute itself).

The Junior Partners are required to pay an annual contribution of 50% of the contribution due by Category A members and approved by the Shareholders' Meeting.

The status of Junior Partner in any case expires two years after the admission date. During this period it is possible to request admission as an Ordinary Member of Habitech in the manner provided for by art. 5 of the Statute with the clarifications listed in the attached document "Regulations for joining the Trentino Technology District of legal entities defined as " Junior Partners ".