Energiesprong Italia

The Energiesprong initiative has achieved important results in the Netherlands not only in the residential sector: today e first prototypes have been developed also in the tertiary sectors (offices, hospitals) and industrial sectors. This is why it has been used as a model for similar initiatives in England, France, Germany and the State of New York and there are many European countries that are initiating similar initiatives and processes.

Habitech brought Energiesprong in Italy for the first time during the REbuild event in 2015, and it was identified by the Dutch body as the most suitable subject for the replicability and dissemination of the initiative on the Italian national territory. In this framework, Habitech has launched the "Energiesprong Italia" innovation path.

The aim of the initiative is not the creation of new products, components or technological solutions but the introduction into the market of a new revolutionary technical, economic, financial and management system that opens up important possibilities and allows the removal of barriers (technological, urban, legislative) or market) that prevent the creation of NZER on a large scale in Italy.

Energiesprong is an independent non-profit development team tasked by the Dutch national government to develop energy efficiency solutions for buildings for the real estate market.
Energiesprong has negotiated an agreement between the social housing companies and builders in the Netherlands for the refurbishment of over 100.000 homes and their conversion into NZEB. To achieve these results, Energiesprong worked to create a series of market conditions that allow the activation of new industrialization processes in the construction sector. The team is working in England, France and Italy so that these processes can be effectively replicated in other realities and countries.