EDA - Energy Data Analysis

EDA is a web application for the management, monitor and analysis of energy consumption.
Habitech and ideaRE have started a partnership aimed at the joint implementation and delivery of consulting and support services related to the "energy, efficiency and sustainability" profile of large real estate assets. The collaboration was finalized in the implementation of an integrative module to the REFtree platform, called EDA - Energy Data Analysis.


REFtree is the flagship product of the software house, an innovative platform that is based on a system that promotes the sharing of knowledge and methodology. EDA is a web application for the management, monitoring and analysis of energy consumption.

Thanks to EDA, the customer can upload, monitor and analyze in an integrated way the consumption of his real estate assets. EDA will be completely customizable based on customer requests. The application will make possible to perform a census of the supply points, upload and aggregate the consumption data history, monitor the latest data sets in order to perform operational and management verifications, analyze the entire portfolio in order to evaluate potential interventions energy efficiency.


Idea Real Estate S.p.A «IDEARE» is an initiative born from  over 10 years of experience in managing complex information systems for the management of real estate, collecting the most significant knowledge in the realization of applications to manage Asset, Property, Facility, Energy Management, Agency and every other service related to the integrated management of property.

The in-depth knowledge of the relevant processes and regulations together with the technological expertise, allow to offer to the market IT consultation and solutions for all the legal aspects connected to the management of real estate, in every aspect.