Habitech even more sustainable. Now certified by SI Rating.

Habitech is the first Italian company operating in the construction sector to start the assessing and certifying process of its corporate sustainability through SI Rating - Sustainability Impact Rating.

SI Rating - the Sustainability Impact Rating - aims to measure, monitor and correctly communicate the sustainability of the company, taking into consideration its exposure and its management of Environmental, Social and Governance risks which, in an integrated manner, could affect its activities. Furthermore, SI Rating allows to highlight to which of the sustainable development objectives indicated by the UN Habitech is contributing positively.

In November 2019, Habitech was assessed with a "Total Sustainability Rating" of 69%, obtaining a "SI rating - bronze" certificate. This evaluation marks the beginning of a path that Habitech is taking. Thanks to the methodology used, SI Rating will indicate what actions are to be taken to improve Habitech commitment to sustainability: a decisive step forward to measure and enhance the corporate sustainability.

By undertaking this certification process, Habitech evaluated its industrial strategies, based on different criteria: transparency, management level, reliability, improvement and completeness. For each topic area analyzed (environmental, social and governance), Habitech has demonstrated sustainable management.

Social Area:

This is the area in which Habitech results to be more performing according to SI Rating: 91% of goals achieved. The social area reflects one of the objectives of the district itself: contributing to the development of the territory.

Thanks to the instruments and the best practices adopted, Habitech demonstrates to care about the development and the wellness of the internal stakeholder (the staff and their families), though training activities and work-life balance polices. This is added to the demonstrated attention to external stakeholders interests.

The use of a well-structured quality management system and a rich internal training program contributed to the safety and quality of products/services. With regard to health and safety issues, different initiatives played a fundamental role in achieving this good result, such as the "family audit" program and the good practices that focused on the health and well-being of employees, like the analysis of the microclimate and related stress and the analysis indoor air quality.

Environmental Area:

In this area, Habitech has shown important attention, obtaining a score of 62%, thanks to some best practices adopted, like the analysis of the microclimate and the transport policy.

Governance Area: 

In this macro area, is fundamental the commitment of Habitech in the management of products and services life cycle. The main activities carried out by the company were taken into account, which contribute in the creation of a sustainability culture extended to the whole territory.

In addition, the ethical issue achieved a high score, thanks to the application of the code of ethics and the 231 model.

Another strength of Habitech is its contribution to the “resilient business model” theme, towards more sustainable long-term business planning.

Once having understood and analyzed its strengths and the improving points, Habitech aims to improve its corporate sustainability and its contibution to the UN ESG, thanks to new concrete solutions to be adopted in the next months.